The Striped Hog Roasting Experience

Over the last ten years The Striped Pig Company have catered for thousands of varying styles of events and functions. All of which have involved the use of the very best local ingredients cooked with flair and imagination.

Introducing The Striped Pig Hog Roast; we believe we offer an unparalleled package to make your event truly memorable. Yes, don't be deceived by the name, for us it is far more than simply pork in a bun, we use the very best Gloucester old spot pork reared locally in Lancashire - we roast the Hog slowly (between 18-24 hours producing perfect pulled pork - the best you will have ever taste! Our unique cooking style produces exceptional crackling and this coupled with our own in house chutneys, sauces and stuffing's (all jarred and available for purchase) results in the ultimate Hog Roasting Experience.

We also roast whole lambs, sirloins, topsides and ribs of Angus beef for your event as well.

What we offer

The main focus for us is our client – ensuring a stress free, memorable event tailored to their specific needs. This starts with specific requirement of how the meat is prepared (Traditional, Smoked, Marinades and Rubs) and the varying accompaniments to be served alongside the Roast (Sauces, Salads, Sides, Breads and Chutneys). Provided on the following pages are examples of generic Hog Roasting Menus that prove to be most popular – these can be bespoke to individual needs.

The Striped Pig Catering and Service Team will arrive at the event venue at the specified time wanted by our client. From our experience slow roasting the Hog, prior to arrival, up to twenty-four hours result in exceptional pork and this also allows for us to be flexible with arrival times.

We are able to set up a 3x3 meter rainproof mobile kitchen and service unit within 30 minutes of arrival. When the pork is ready, the chef will carve allowing for an efficient and smooth service. Salads, sides, sauces, chutneys and stuffing's etc. will be arranged and service can begin.

Alongside the rainproof service unit, food ordered and trained chef we provide disposable plates, napkins and cutlery. This is our art form – if you require a Hog roast we provide exceptional quality at value for money prices. The Striped Pig is the Company for you.