Bear Paw Roasts

Bear paws………….ever heard of them? Ordered directly from the United States (the home of serious meat eaters) Bear Paws are used instead of knives for gripping and shredding meat. They perfectly shred roasted meats, whilst providing a unique talking point for your event.

Our Bear Paw Roasts are a versatile way to make your function truly unique – either as a standalone product, or as a funky add-on alongside a Striped Pig Hog Roast.

Yankee Style Shredded Smoked Pork Shoulders

Whole pork shoulders, bone left in, rubbed with our Striped Secret Spice Mix, then slowly hickory smoked for 12 hours at the famous Glasson Dock Smoke House.

Shredded Honey Roast Hams

Slow honey-roasted ham with the Striped Sweet Wholegrain Mustard, Fiery English Mustard or our Roasted Red pepper and Tomato Chutney.

Minted Legs of Salt Marsh Lamb

From the famous salt marsh at Pilling, this is arguably the tastiest lamb you will ever experience. With the animals feeding right on the salty, estuarial plains, they are practically seasoned straight from the field! Rubbed with our own Mint Marinade and left for 24 hours, then salted and slow roasted for 10 hours, the skin is crispy and the meat simply falls off the bone. You can have it Greek style - with mixed leaves and Mint Yogurt, or Traditional - in freshly baked bread served with Rosemary and Onion Stuffing and Mint Jelly.

Sticky Shin Beef

Simple yet extremely effective; slow-roasting beef shin does three things:

1. Slow cooking the meat keeps it moist and makes it extremely tender.

2. It breaks down the sticky marrow in the middle of the shin adding another element of flavour.

3. It extracts all the flavour from the large shinbone in the centre of the joint (it seriously packs some tastiness!).

In a wrap or on freshly baked breads this is a standalone product that really does not need any accompaniment.

The Striped Ultimate Rib Experience

Firstly, racks are carefully selected by our rib butchers, Andertons. We then add our Secret Marinade and using our specialised, slow-roasting technique, cook the ribs for 12 hours. We arrive at your venue; the ribs chilled and ready to go, the oven is fired up to full force, and one hour later we are ready to serve. The ribs are now delightfully double-roasted, leaving them both crunchy and sticky on the outside, yet moist in the middle.

All you need now is one of our two homemade Rib Sauces - The Striped Sticky Jerk or our Mild Smokey BBQ sauce - alongside our homemade Truffle Oil Coleslaw. Whether off the bone into a wrap or freshly baked breads or simply eaten as they are, The Striped Pig Ultimate Rib Experience is not something that will soon be forgotten.